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10 Best Mountains in the US (for Hiking + Skiing)

10 Best Mountains in the US (for Hiking + Skiing)


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Looking for the ultimate outdoor adventure? The United States has some of the most incredible peaks in the world. Get set to uncover the best mountains in the U.S. where every hike promises epic views and unforgettable journeys!

There’s something about the United States and its mountains that just grabs you by the soul. From the moment I set foot on my first trail, I was hooked. The sheer variety of peaks, from the rugged Alaskan wilds to the sun-soaked Sierra Nevada, has a way of calling out to the adventurer in all of us. And it’s not just me! Ask around, and you’ll hear that these top American mountains are on the must-visit list of just about every nature lover.

It’s the kind of place where each mountain has its own personality. Take Denali, for instance. This mountain tests your mettle, while Mount Whitney offers trails where the views get more epic with every step. It’s not just about the climb or the photo ops. It’s about that rush you get when you’re up there. You feel on top of the world, where every lookout point gives you a new perspective and every deep breath of that crisp mountain air feels like a fresh start.

Are you ready to discover ten of the best mountains in the US? Let’s get ready to dive into the heart of the U.S. and discover the ten peaks that are calling your name. Trust me, the views from the top are something you’ll want to write home about.

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Best Mountains in the U.S.

The United States is full of epic trails and sky-high peaks that are a dream for anyone who loves getting out into nature. Traveling here means finding some of the most stunning mountains you’ll ever see, with views that’ll stick with you long after you’ve headed home.

Looking for the thrill of the climb or just a quiet spot to enjoy the scenery? These peaks have it all. I’ll also share some great places to stay so you can wake up right where the action is.

Ready to see which mountains made the list? Here’s my handpicked list of the top ten mountains in the US. You’ve got to check these out!

1. Denali (Mount McKinley), Alaska

Denali, once known as Mount McKinley, is the giant of the Alaskan wilds. Soaring over 20,000 feet into the sky, it’s one of my personal favorite American mountains which I recommend to everyone. It’s the highest peak in North America and a wild, beautiful symbol of Alaska. Seeing this mountain for the first time, maybe from a small plane or on the trails of Denali National Park, is something you won’t forget. The air up here feels different—sharper, full of life.

Taking on Denali is for the bold. It’s a tough climb, with weather that can change in a heartbeat and slopes that demand respect. Up over 14,000 feet, the air gets thin, challenging even the toughest climbers. But if you reach the summit, you’re rewarded with endless views of pure, wild land. It’s a sight you’ve worked for, and it’s unforgettable.

But you don’t have to be a climber to enjoy Denali. The park has paths for all, leading to amazing views and chances to see wildlife like bears, caribou, and wolves right where they belong. And if hiking isn’t your thing, you can take a flightseeing tour for a stunning aerial view of Denali, even landing on a glacier for a quick walk on the ice.

When the day winds down, there’s nothing like heading back to a warm lodge. Picture relaxing by a fire, swapping tales with other visitors, and getting ready for another day’s adventures. Near Denali, every night’s stay is part of the Alaskan experience—cozy yet wild. Whether you’re here to tackle the peak or just take in the sights, Denali is a place for those who love the wild.

As the tallest peak in North America, it represents Alaska in a wild and breathtaking way.

2. Mount Whitney, California

If you’re itching for a real high-point adventure, Mount Whitney is your go-to in the Sierra Nevada. It’s not just the tallest kid on the block in the lower 48. It’s one of the best mountains in the US for anyone who loves to lace up their boots and hit the trails. The path to the top is a must-do for hikers. Each switchback brings a new, breathtaking view, and trust me, the sight from the summit? Absolutely worth the trek!

The journey to the top of Mount Whitney is no Sunday stroll. It’s a solid 22 miles back and forth. But every step is a new scene, from wildflower meadows that pop with color to ancient rocks that whisper old earth secrets. Reaching the top, you’ll want to high-five everyone around because, wow, those views are epic! It’s like you’ve stepped into a postcard, and the hustle of daily life just melts away.

Come winter, Mount Whitney becomes a snowy wonderland, one of the best mountains in America for those who crave the thrill of skiing and snowboarding. And when the snow melts, the trails are a magnet for hikers and nature fans. It’s the kind of place that screams summer adventure!

After a day on the mountain, seek out one of the hidden gem eateries where climbers and locals mingle. There’s nothing like a well-earned meal to cap off your day. In these lesser-known spots, you can savor the flavors of the region, share your summit tales, and maybe even get insider advice on a secret trail for tomorrow’s outing.

The highest mountains in the United States for trail runners to lace up their hiking shoes and go.

3. Mount Rainier, Washington

Mount Rainier is a true showstopper in Washington’s lineup of peaks. It’s a magnet for thrill-seekers and nature lovers, all searching for the best mountains in America. The trails here are a mix of serene forest walks and wildflower-strewn meadows that seem to burst with color overnight. And the weather? It’s like a master artist, constantly painting the mountain in new lights and shadows—perfect for that Instagram-worthy shot!

For climbers, Rainier offers an exhilarating challenge that’s tough to top. It’s a place where you can test your limits and maybe even prep for the big leagues like Everest. But hey, don’t think you need to be a pro to enjoy this mountain. I’ve wandered the Paradise area with my family, and it’s an absolute gem for easy hikes with views that’ll make your heart soar. And let’s not forget the skiers! Rainier is a paradise for carving through powder, easily one of the best mountains in the US for skiing.

No matter the season, Rainier’s national park is buzzing. Summer trails lead you to breathtaking waterfalls and jaw-dropping lookouts. Come winter, the landscape transforms into a silent kingdom of snow, inviting you to strap on snowshoes and explore the hushed wilderness.

After a day of adventure, nothing beats the local lodges for a hearty meal and a warm bed. Pro tip: grab a room with a mountain view. Waking up to the alpenglow on Rainier’s summit is something special. It’s a moment that reminds you why this mountain is a favorite for all who visit. Trust me, it’s an experience that you’ll want to relive again and again!

Among the summits of Washington, Mount Rainier is an absolute show stopper.

4. Grand Teton, Wyoming

Grand Teton is where the wild spirit of the West is alive and kicking! This rugged peak in Wyoming’s Teton Range is a siren call for adventurers looking to discover of the best mountains in America. With its jagged skyline, it’s a place that promises—and delivers—adventures that turn into lifetime memories. The trails here are a hiker’s dream, weaving through landscapes where every turn brings a gasp and a click of the camera.

I’ve climbed a lot of mountains, but Grand Teton has a special place in my heart. It’s not just the technical climb that gets your adrenaline pumping. It’s the view from the top that makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger. For those who prefer their feet on flatter ground, the valleys below offer serene beauty and peaceful trails.

The park itself is a treasure, with pristine lakes reflecting the mountains like glass and wildlife that roam as if they own the place—which, of course, they do. In the summer, the Teton Range is a canvas of wildflowers and greenery, while the colder months drape it in a silent blanket of snow.

As the day ends, the mountain’s shadow stretches across the valley, and the lodges here welcome you with open arms. My tip: spend an evening by the fire pit, swapping stories with fellow travelers. There’s something about the Tetons that makes every tale taller and every night under the stars a little brighter. Grand Teton doesn’t just take your breath away. It gives back a piece of the wild that stays with you long after you’ve descended.

The untamed essence of the West is still very much alive and well in Grand Teton.

5. Pikes Peak, Colorado

No list of the best US mountains would be complete without a nod to Pikes Peak in CO. Its summit calls to those who seek heights where eagles dare, and its trails offer journeys through time, where each step echoes with the lore of the Old West.

On my last visit, I was struck by the sheer variety of activities at hand. You can hop aboard the cog railway, a marvel of engineering, to chug your way to the top. Or, for the cyclists out there, tackling the Pikes Peak Highway is one of the best things to do in Colorado, hands down. Tackling the highway on two wheels is a thrilling challenge that rewards you with unparalleled views. This peak is a centerpiece among the best mountains in the summer in the U.S., offering a cool retreat from the summer heat with its crisp mountain air.

Pikes Peak is more than a summer destination, though. Come winter, the area transforms into a snowy playground. There are opportunities for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing through silent, snow-laden forests. The mountain’s base is alive with the warmth of cozy cafes and shops, inviting you to warm up with hot cocoa and local tales.

The culture around Pikes Peak is as vibrant as its natural setting. Festivals celebrating the mountain’s heritage, art shows, and outdoor concerts are sprinkled throughout the year, offering a taste of local life. Don’t miss the chance to explore the nearby Garden of the Gods, where the rock formations are as stunning as any sculpture. Pikes Peak is more than a climb. It’s an adventure that feeds your spirit and sparks your imagination!

Its paths provide trips across time, with the stories of the Old West echoing with every step.

6. Mount Hood, Oregon

Epic slopes, epic vibes – that’s Mount Hood for you. Topping the charts as one of the best mountains in America, it’s a winter wonderland and a summer retreat rolled into one. Skiers and snowboarders rave about the powder, while hikers can’t get enough of the summer trails. It’s a hit year-round!

When the snow melts, Mount Hood doesn’t lose its charm. The trails open up, winding through wildflower meadows and past reminders of ancient volcanic fury. Hiking here means epic views at every turn, and for those who climb, reaching the summit is like touching the sky. It’s tough but doable, and the feeling at the top is unbeatable.

Around the base of Mount Hood, you’ll find cozy settlements that are some of the best mountain towns in the U.S. Places like Hood River and Government Camp are buzzing with stories from the day’s escapades, and the welcome you’ll get is as warm as a cabin fireplace.

And for a different kind of treat, the Willamette Valley’s vineyards are just a stone’s throw away. Imagine sipping a top-notch Pinot Noir with views of Mount Hood. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a day of mountain fun!

Whether you’re here to shred down the mountain, hike up its sides, or just kick back in a charming town, Mount Hood has got it all. Believe me, I’ve been there, and it’s a place that sticks with you. It’s got that mix of thrill and chill that turns a trip into a story worth sharing.

Mount Hood offers spectacular atmosphere and slopes.

7. Mount Mitchell, North Carolina

Mount Mitchell claims the title of the highest peak in the eastern United States, and it’s not just its height that’s impressive. Nestled in the Black Mountain range of North Carolina, this giant offers a mix of breathtaking views and serene forest trails. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best mountains in America for those who love to hike.

Getting to Mount Mitchell is half the fun. The roads leading up to it are a showcase of nature’s beauty. The state park around the mountain is a peaceful place where you can leave the noise behind and enjoy the quiet of the wilderness. The summit is easy to get to, so everyone can enjoy the breathtaking views from the top.

The area around Mount Mitchell is rich with life. In spring and summer, wildflowers carpet the meadows in bright colors. Come fall, the trees put on a show with leaves turning brilliant shades of orange and red. It’s a living postcard that changes with the seasons.

Bird lovers will find Mount Mitchell a real treat. The air is alive with the songs of birds, and the sight of hawks gliding on the wind is common. It’s a place to witness nature’s harmony, where every living thing adds to the mountain’s story.

Mount Mitchell is more than a mountain. Truly, it’s an experience that all mountain lovers should enjoy. It’s where you can watch clouds form below you and feel part of something grand. Catch the sunrise here, and you’ll see a world of hills and valleys come to life—a memory that will linger long after you’ve come down!

For hikers, it’s unquestionably one of the best mountains in America.

8. Mount St. Helens, Washington

Mount St. Helens isn’t just famous for its big eruption back in 1980. It’s now a go-to spot for anyone who loves the outdoors and is curious about volcanoes. Just a couple of hours’ drive from Portland and Seattle, it’s an easy addition to your Pacific Northwest trip. You’ll be able to experience one of the best US mountains!

Today, you can hike around Mount St. Helens to see how nature has bounced back. The trails range from easy walks to tougher climbs, all with amazing views and chances to learn about the volcano’s history. The best time to visit Mount St. Helens in WA is from late spring to early fall when the paths are clear and the weather is nice.

At the Johnston Ridge Observatory, you’re in for a treat. They’ve got displays that tell you all about the eruption, and you can even look right into the volcano’s crater. From personal experience, I’d advise visiting in the afternoon. At this time, the light is just right for photos, and the morning crowds have thinned out.

Mount St. Helens is also about what’s happening now. The area around the volcano is full of life, with plants and animals that show how nature can heal after a big event. It’s a real-life science lesson.

When you visit Mount St. Helens, you get to mix adventure with learning. It’s a place that shows off the earth’s power and how it can start over after a shake-up. Standing there with the crater in front of you, you’ll feel a deep respect for our planet.

Now, anybody who enjoys the great outdoors and is interested in volcanoes wants to visit this place.

9. Mount Elbert, Colorado

Mount Elbert is Colorado’s highest peak, and it’s a giant that welcomes everyone. Just outside the small town of Leadville, which is about a two-hour drive from Denver, this mountain is a favorite for its friendly trails that lead to the highest point in the Rockies. It’s one of the best mountains in Colorado, hands down!

Hiking to the top of Mount Elbert is a popular activity, especially in the summer months when the trails are snow-free and the wildflowers around Twin Lakes are in full bloom. The mountain has routes for all levels, so even if you’re not a seasoned hiker, you can enjoy the climb. And for those who love the snow, it’s a winter wonderland perfect for backcountry skiing and snowshoeing.

Leadville, the nearby town, is a hidden gem filled with history and local charm. After your hike, you can explore its historic district and maybe even catch a local festival. It’s a place that feels a world away from the crowded tourist spots.

For an off-the-beaten-path experience in Colorado, try the Interlaken Resort trail around Twin Lakes. It’s a quieter walk where you can see the remains of a 19th-century resort and get stunning views of the lake with Mount Elbert in the background. It’s a perfect spot for a peaceful picnic.

Mount Elbert is more than just a climb. It’s an experience that connects you with Colorado’s natural beauty and history. Here, you can push your limits and then relax in a town that feels like a step back in time. Whether you’re reaching for the summit or exploring the area’s hidden corners, Mount Elbert has something special waiting for you.

Colorado’s highest peak, Mount Elbert, is a massive, hospitable behemoth.

10. Mount Katahdin, Maine

One of the best places to visit in Maine, Mount Katahdin is a peak that draws adventurers year-round. In the heart of Baxter State Park, this mountain offers a rugged escape for those looking to hike the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail in summer or snowshoe through a winter wonderland.

Summer on Mount Katahdin is a hiker’s dream. You’ll find trails that challenge and reward in equal measure. A hike I would recommend is the Knife Edge Trail. It’s a thrilling ridge walk that will test your nerve and provide exhilarating views. Come winter, the landscape transforms into a snowy retreat, where cross-country skiing and snowshoeing take center stage, offering a serene way to explore the frosted wilderness.

Accommodations near Mount Katahdin range from rustic campgrounds within Baxter State Park to cozy lodges and B&Bs in the nearby town of Millinocket. These spots serve as perfect bases for your mountain adventures and offer a taste of Maine’s charm and beauty.

For a unique experience, consider a guided wildlife tour. Maine’s North Woods are home to moose, black bears, and a chorus of loons, and spotting these creatures in their natural habitat is a memory to cherish. Or, for a night to remember, gaze at the stars from Mount Katahdin’s base—this region’s dark skies make it one of the best places for stargazing in the US.

Mount Katahdin invites you to immerse yourself in the extremes of Maine’s wilderness, from scaling its heights in the warmth of summer to embracing the quiet beauty of its snowy slopes. It’s one of the best mountain in the US that offers a different kind of adventure with each visit, leaving you with stories to tell and a yearning to return.

All year long, adventurers are drawn to Mount Katahdin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Best Mountains in the U.S.

Before you head out to enjoy a trip of a lifetime visiting some of the best mountains in the U.S., I thought I’d take a moment to answer a few questions. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the best U.S. mountains. I hope my answers help you have an unforgettable adventure!

What is the prettiest mountain in the US?

If you ask me, Mount Hood takes the prize. It’s like nature’s perfect piece of art in Oregon. Picture this: a snowy peak all year round, surrounded by forests that look like they’ve been painted green, and fields of wildflowers that pop with color. And when you see it reflecting on Trillium Lake, it’s like Mother Nature is showing off.

What US state has the best mountains?

I’ve got to hand it to Colorado. It’s like the state was made for mountain lovers. Take Mount Elbert for example—it’s not just the tallest in the Rockies but also a beacon for hikers who want a bit of everything. And the mountain towns? They’re the cherry on top. Leadville, for one, has that old-time charm that’ll make you want to stay forever.

What are the 5 largest mountain ranges in the US?

The United States is home to several major mountain ranges. The five largest and most prominent are:

  1. Rocky Mountains: Extending from the northernmost part of British Columbia, in western Canada, to New Mexico in the Southwestern United States, the Rockies are well-known for their stunning scenery and are a major mountain range in North America.
  2. Appalachian Mountains: Running through the eastern United States, from Alabama to Newfoundland in Canada, the Appalachians are among the oldest mountains in North America and are known for their historical significance and diverse ecosystems.
  3. Sierra Nevada: Located primarily in California, the Sierra Nevada range is famous for its striking granite cliffs, giant sequoia trees, and notable peaks like Mount Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous United States.
  4. Cascade Range: This mountain range stretches from northern California up through Oregon, Washington, and into British Columbia, Canada. It’s known for its picturesque landscapes and several volcanoes, including Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier.
  5. Alaska Range: Located in south-central Alaska, this range includes Denali, the highest peak in North America. The Alaska Range is known for its massive glaciers and extreme weather conditions.

What are the 2 famous mountain ranges in the United States?

The two most famous mountain ranges in the United States are:

  1. The Rocky Mountains: Often referred to as the Rockies, this major mountain range spans some 3,000 miles (4,800 kilometers) from the northernmost part of British Columbia, in western Canada, to New Mexico in the Southwestern United States. Known for its stunning scenery, the Rockies are a haven for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and mountaineering.
  2. The Appalachian Mountains: Stretching nearly 2,000 miles from Newfoundland in Canada to central Alabama in the United States, the Appalachians are among the oldest mountains on Earth. They offer a range of recreational activities and are particularly noted for the Appalachian Trail. This is a 2,200-mile long hiking trail that spans the length of the mountain range.
Every mountain in this kind of place has an individual personality.

What are America’s 3 tallest mountains?

America’s three tallest mountains are:

  1. Denali (formerly known as Mount McKinley) in Alaska, which is the highest peak in North America with an elevation of 20,310 feet (6,190 meters).
  2. Mount Saint Elias, also located on the border between Alaska and Canada, is the second-highest mountain in both the United States and Canada. It stands at 18,008 feet (5,489 meters).
  3. Mount Foraker, situated in the central Alaska Range near Denali, is the third-highest peak in the United States, with an elevation of 17,400 feet (5,304 meters).

These mountains are all part of the Alaska Range and are known for their challenging climbing conditions and breathtaking natural beauty.

What is the most visited mountain in the United States?

Mount St. Helens is one of the most popular mountains to visit in the US, and for good reason. It’s not every day you get to walk around a volcano that once shook the earth. The place is packed with stories and sights that’ll give you something to talk about for days. Plus, it’s got learning spots all over, so you’re getting a bit of an education while you’re at it.

What state has the best mountain towns in the US?

North Carolina, hands down. The mountain towns here are something else. Asheville is a little slice of heaven with the Appalachian Mountains as its backyard, right by Mount Mitchell. It’s got a vibe that’s both laid-back and buzzing with energy, with cool music, tasty food, and the friendliest folks you’ll meet.

What are the 2 highest mountain in the US?

The second highest mountain in the United States is Mount Saint Elias, which straddles the border between Alaska and Canada’s Yukon Territory. Mount Saint Elias has an elevation of 18,008 feet (5,489 meters). It is renowned for its dramatic rise from the shoreline of the Gulf of Alaska, presenting a formidable challenge for mountaineers.

The highest mountain in the United States is Denali (formerly known as Mount McKinley), located in Alaska, with an elevation of 20,310 feet (6,190 meters). Denali is also the highest peak in North America.

Recap: Best Mountains in the U.S.

In the quest for the best mountains in the U.S., each peak offers its own unique slice of majesty. From the snow-capped grandeur of Mount Hood to the rolling green splendor of Mount Mitchell, the diversity is as vast as the landscapes themselves. Mount St. Helens showcases nature’s raw power, while Mount Elbert beckons with its accessible trails and panoramic views. And let’s not forget Mount Katahdin, with its rugged trails that promise adventure in every step.

If I had to pick just one mountain in the US to recommend, it would be Mount Elbert. It’s not only the highest in the Rockies but also a symbol of the Colorado spirit—adventurous, welcoming, and breathtakingly beautiful. The experience of reaching its summit is one that stays with you, a blend of achievement and awe at the natural world.

For those who seek the thrill of the climb, the peace of the forests, or the charm of mountain towns, these peaks are calling. They’re destinations where memories are made, where every visit leaves a mark on your soul. Trust me, a journey to any of these American giants is a journey into the heart of what makes the great outdoors truly great!

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