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Prioritizing Health: The Key to Financial Success

Prioritizing Health: The Key to Financial Success


Prioritizing Health: The Key to Financial Success

As I celebrate my birthday this month, I’ve chosen to forego the usual fanfare and instead take a moment to contemplate the year ahead. This year, my focus is on intertwining health with wealth and financial success, recognizing the profound connection between the two.

Body: Nurturing Physical Vitality

In my latest podcast episode, we delved into this topic, exploring various facets of holistic health and the tools I employ to stay on track. Let’s start with the body. I’ve embraced a regimen that encompasses both diet and exercise, recognizing their pivotal role in maintaining physical vitality.

Diet and Nutrition: I’ve adopted the Mediterranean diet, renowned for its health benefits, and have incorporated light lunches to sustain energy throughout the day. I love hard copy magazines to flip through for ideas. Here is a good to start with – Good Housekeeping-Mediterranean Diet

Exercise Routine: Running, including training for my first marathon in July 2024, and practicing yoga twice a week have become staples in my routine. These activities not only enhance physical fitness but also contribute to mental clarity and emotional well-being.

Fitness Apps and Monitoring: Leveraging apps like Nike Running Club (my favorite running coach is Coach Bennet, he is funny, serious, informative, and at the same time kicks my b*tt to keep running!) and 7 Minute Workout has streamlined my fitness journey. I love their quick 7-minute workouts to get my body moving every day.  I am also experimenting with a new tool like the Oura Ring to help monitor daily activity levels, sleep patterns, heart rate, women’s health and stress, and overall progress toward fitness goals.

Financial Accessibility: Utilizing funds from my FSA/HAS (flexible savings and health savings accounts) for health-related expenses has made investing in my physical well-being more accessible and sustainable. By the way, Oura Ring qualifies as an expense to be paid with your FSA/HSA dollars.

Mind: Cultivating Mental Wellness

But true vitality extends beyond the physical realm—it encompasses the mind and soul as well. Journaling has become a cornerstone of my daily routine, offering a cathartic outlet for introspection and self-discovery.

Journaling Practices: I dedicate time each day to reflect and journal, using resources like Jenna Kutcher’s 5 Minute Reflection How Are You Really? journal to guide my introspective journey.

Time Management: Enrolling in courses like Marie Forleo’s Time Genius Course has helped me reclaim control over my time, recognizing its inherent value in shaping my priorities and fostering a balanced lifestyle. We are tackling this training with the entire MainStreet Team this quarter as well.

Soul: Nourishing Spiritual Growth

Lastly, nourishing the soul is paramount. For me, this entails diving into spiritual practices like reading the Bible daily, and finding solace and wisdom in its timeless teachings.

Although Yoga workouts are often viewed as physical, for me they are very much rooted in the spiritual realm as well. I practice Vinyasa Flow Yoga twice per week.

Spiritual Practices: Committing to daily Bible reading and utilizing resources like Bible Reading Plans and Bible Ref (helps further explain the meaning of verses) has facilitated spiritual growth and deepened my connection to faith.

In essence, prioritizing health isn’t just an act of self-care—it’s an investment in our future selves. By nurturing our bodies, sharpening our minds, and uplifting our souls, we lay the groundwork for greater success and fulfillment in all facets of life. So, as we embark on this journey together, wherever you are right now… let’s pledge to make conscious choices that nourish our holistic well-being. I promise you that our wallets and bank accounts will thank us later!

Here’s to a year filled with health, happiness, and boundless prosperity.


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