Home Finance Russian fighter jet mistakenly bombs own city in Ukraine Russia war

Russian fighter jet mistakenly bombs own city in Ukraine Russia war

Russian fighter jet mistakenly bombs own city in Ukraine Russia war

Russian fighter jet mistakenly bombs own city in Ukraine Russia war

A fighter jet belonging to the Russian Air Force, specifically a Sukhoi-34, accidentally bombed the city of Belgorod, which is located about 40km (25 miles) from the border with Ukraine. The incident caused significant damage to the area, including a 20m (60ft) crater and an explosion so powerful that it lifted a car onto the roof of a nearby shop.

The regional governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, reported that three people were injured in the bombing and several buildings were damaged. In response to the incident, authorities ordered the evacuation of a damaged nine-storey block of flats as a precautionary measure.

Social media videos showed the aftermath of the bombing, with the impact of the blast lifting a vehicle onto the roof of a supermarket as traffic continued to stream along Prospekt Vatutina, which is close to the city center.

It is not yet clear what caused the fighter-jet to bomb its own city, and the Russian military has not released any official statement regarding the incident. The bombing has sparked concerns about the safety of civilians in the region and the possibility of similar accidents occurring in the future.

The incident comes amid escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine, and it is unclear whether the bombing was related to the ongoing conflict in the region. The Russian military has been involved in a conflict with Ukrainian forces in the eastern Donbas region since 2014, and tensions between the two countries have risen in recent weeks, with reports of increased military activity on both sides.

The accidental bombing of Belgorod has underscored the dangers of military conflict and the need for caution and proper procedures to ensure the safety of civilians in the area. The incident is a reminder of the devastating consequences that can result from even a single mistake in a conflict situation.
The Russian Ministry of Defence released a brief statement acknowledging that one of its Su-34 fighter bombers had accidentally discharged aircraft ordnance at 22:15 local time (19:15 GMT) on Thursday. This was essentially an admission that the fighter jet had mistakenly fired a weapon, but the statement did not specify which type of weapon it was.

The bomb landed at an intersection of two roads near the city centre and close to residential buildings. The governor reported that two women were taken to the hospital for treatment, but fortunately, no fatalities were reported. However, given the location of the bombing, the consequences could have been far more catastrophic.

Russian fighter jet

The regional governor said Belgorod’s residents had endured a difficult night but would get through it.Russian jets regularly fly over Belgorod, a city of 370,000, on their way to Ukraine.

The incident raises serious concerns about the safety protocols of the Russian military and the potential risks that civilians face in conflict zones. The accidental bombing of a busy residential district highlights the importance of proper training and adherence to safety procedures to minimize the risk of such incidents.

While the Russian government acknowledged the accident, it did not provide any details regarding the cause of the mistake or what steps would be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future. The lack of transparency is a cause for concern, as it undermines public trust in the military’s ability to protect civilians.

In light of this incident, it is essential that the Russian military takes steps to review and strengthen its safety protocols to ensure that civilians are not put at risk. While it is fortunate that there were no fatalities, the accidental bombing of a residential area is a sobering reminder of the devastating consequences of military conflict.


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